Creating Digital Portfolios with Google Sites – ISTE 2017

This week I had the pleasure of attending ISTE 2017.  More on that later, including some great new tools I found!  But while there I presented a 1-in-3 Session on Digital Portfolios.  Basically, I had 3 minutes to talk about my topic.  Specifically, I talked about the use of Google Sites in creating Digital Portfolios... Continue Reading →


Creating A Culture of Digital Learning

First, let me say that this article is less of an instruction manual on creating a culture for digital learning, as much as a cry for a need in culture-shift.  While I will be sharing some resources here, I am mostly trying to lead the charge and empower readers toward building that culture in their... Continue Reading →

Summer Project – Getting Started with Hyperdocs

It was about a year ago this month that I sat down to develop a 3-day workshop on Chromebooks for our Science teachers.  At that time, I had just spent the previous year working with our ELA teachers on Chromebook deployment in the classroom.  As I was  working on curating resources for teachers, I ran... Continue Reading →

Make-Up Work, Google Slides & Google Sites

As teachers, we all know the inevitability that is make-up work. No matter how much you prepare, or provide assignments ahead of time, there will always be the student that misses class and needs access to make-up work. PBS Digital Innovator, Jared Morgan shared this tip with me at a Google Educator Level 1 Bootcamp... Continue Reading →

Throwback Thursday – TEAM DRIVES

This is a video I posted a few months ago, outlining Google Drive Team Drives.  This is a great tool for Faculty, Staff, and students who want to share files with a group, but without losing access if someone leaves the organization. Take a look...

Google Takeout for 2017 Grads

Each year, we educate our graduating seniors on how to migrate their Files and Emails from their GSuite School Account to a new Google Account.  In this way, they are able to take their portfolio of work with them after graduation. Here is the video we use to help them with the process.  We also... Continue Reading →

Throwback Thursday: Track Student Progress with Google Sheets

This video is one I made last semester on using Sheets to track student progress.  There's lots of great information in here including: Data Validation Conditional Formatting Sparklines Check it out....

Throwback Thursday – Create a Dichotomous Key with Google Forms

This is a throwback video from about a year ago.  Watch this tutorial to find out how you can make a Dichotomous Key for Science using Google Forms...

Creating Activities with Google Drawings

As more and more districts make the move to a 1:1 environment, the ability to create enriching and engaging activities for students becomes more important.  While centers and pen and paper activities may still have their place, finding creative ways to mimic those activities in the digital platform, but still retain the positive aspects of... Continue Reading →

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