Tech Time: Google Classroom Tips

Each week in our district, I host a Google Meet Webinar called Tech Time.  This week we focused on a few tips for Google Classroom users.  Here is a look.  Enjoy.


Google Calendar – Brisk New Look

Google released a note on their blog a few days ago promising a new look to an old, but great tool - Google Calendar. If you are like me, you live and die by your calendar.  It keeps me on top of all my events and tasks.  And while I loved the classic Google Calendar, … Continue reading Google Calendar – Brisk New Look

Import Scores into Google Classroom

If you missed the article, check out my post on importing scores into Google Classroom.  Here is the video to explain the process....

Google Forms: Auto-Submit Grades in Classroom

Very recently, Google released an update to Classroom allowing users of Google Forms to import grades from assessments.  This is a huge time-saver in terms of recording assessment scores when using Google Classroom in conjunction with your SIS or District Gradebook.  Very simply put, this means that once your students click submit, not only will … Continue reading Google Forms: Auto-Submit Grades in Classroom

Custom Headers & Footers in Google Sheets

Something that many Google Sheets users have been waiting for is the ability to add Custom Headers and Footers to a spreadsheet.  In the latest Google Apps Update, you now have this ability. It's easy to access -  All you do, is click the Print icon.  Then choose the Headers & Footers menu item.  Scroll … Continue reading Custom Headers & Footers in Google Sheets